Sunday, April 2, 2017

The return of "Anatomical terms of location"

Having done a relatively large number of dinosaur-related posts in the past few months, I've found myself running into anatomy and anatomical terms of location (dorsal, lateral, etc.). Given that not everyone knows all about the jargon, parenthetical glosses tend to slow things down, and I had perfectly serviceable glossaries for these subjects on the late Thescelosaurus!, I decided to revisit that information. I've started by putting the anatomical terms of location on their own separate page. Wikipedia has a useful summary as well, but if you aren't a wiki fan, like having the information on hand here, or just like diagrams featuring the excellent Wild Safari Sauropelta, this is for you. Eventually, I plan to put up skeletal anatomy as a page, and probably a geologic time scale as well (or at least a link to one).

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