Sunday, June 23, 2019

Your Friends The Titanosaurs, part 13: Isisaurus, Jainosaurus, and Jiangshanosaurus

We take a brief break from South America and journey to India and China this time. Conveniently, two of the three most significant Lameta Formation titanosaurs have come up (the other is venerable Titanosaurus indicus, which isn't for a while yet). On the other hand, that does mean we're going to be spending a lot of time trying to figure out how many sauropods can dance on a hill named Bara Simla, in the company of Friedrich von Huene and Charles Matley.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Titanosaur osteoderms: functions and conclusions

We come now to the last part of our exploration of titanosaur osteoderms. For reference, the other parts can be found as follows: introduction and history of study, characteristics, and distribution in time, space, and across Titanosauria. This final entry will cover the proposed functions and offer some parting thoughts about the armored sauropods.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

What I Did While I Was Out

I made no post last week because I was traveling for work. Generally, I don't have the time to work on a post while traveling, and this was no exception. In order to get the most bang for our buck on work travel, we try to schedule as many projects as possible, and this trip was no exception. I had four separate projects scheduled over eleven days.