Sunday, January 3, 2021

J-Term 2001: Zion National Park in the snow

Nothing too heavy for the first post of 2021, just a few photos. These were taken twenty years ago, during field camp with the University of St. Thomas. We were doing mapping in the Rainbow Gardens area east of Las Vegas, in the figurative shadow of Frenchman Mountain. We started out January 7, 2001, and for several days had progressively worse weather until on the morning of the 12th, the forecast was the worst yet, so we drove over to Zion National Park for some geo-tourism. Predictably enough, it snowed at Zion while playing nice at our field area. Anyway, the weather turned for the better after that.

These were all scanned from physical photographs. Forget cell phone cameras; I don't think I'd ever even used a digital camera by 2001. This also means that, unlike today when you take as many photos as you want, I wasn't taking loads of photos a day.

Zion gets about an inch of snow (2.54 cm) on average each month of the winter, so we'd managed to show up on the day of the monthly delivery for January (plus a little more).

Group photo! Apparently black and/or blue coats were the style in Minnesota in the winter of 2000–2001. Our inadvertent coordination (and hats and hoods!) makes it a real puzzle to identify more than about half of us in this photo.

Your host, January 2001. Still have the hat. Welcome to 2021!

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